Bible Studies

Post-modern Era of Christianity

Sunday services feel like rock concerts, church auditoriums accompanied by coffee bars,  video games incorporated in Sunday school, Instagram preachers, and revival meetings look like raves. Church attendance is rising, one has to wonder, is this for Christ or entertainment? It seems the body of believers has lost focus on Christ. Postmodern Christianity has ignited... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Walls.

The first step when painting a canvas is to paint a thin layer of white primer. This helps in the sketching process, and allows certain parts of the canvas to expand so the paint holds longer. When I was thirteen I got my first big canvas, I had to paint some motorcycles for a silent... Continue Reading →


One of the largest sources of dispute among the church is how we worship. Should there be instruments, drums, guitars, and keyboards? Is there a big choir or a small praise team, or both? are lights okay? what about the styles of worship? gospel? rock? contemporary? traditional? Does all this even matter? Does the word of God matter so much... Continue Reading →

Stand on your Knees

"Stand therefore having fastened on the belt of truth...…." Ephesians 6:14 What does it mean to stand? Ephesians 6:13 says " Therefore take up the WHOLE ARMOR of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all to stand firm." There are two types of standing that happens... Continue Reading →

I kissed a girl With a cross around her neck. Her lips didn't taste of church, But her hips felt like god, I wonder what her pastor would think I wonder what the father think I wonder what her friends thought I wonder if that cross, Means more to me, Than it does to her?

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